Team communication at its best

Pro11 Headset System for healthcare professionals

Team communication for clinical staff

The headsets have made a big difference
to our experience of working in the lab.

Piers Wright, Royal Brompton Hospital, London UK

Every physician needs their OR team to be alert and responsive. Giving and receiving key information accurately and clearly is essential during any procedure. When each member of the team is equipped with a Pro11 wireless headset they work as one.

Key Features

Crystal clear digital audio between headsets

Up to 30 users per system, 6 hands-free at any one time

9-hours continuous talk-time

2 headset user modes, hands-free and push-to-talk

Noise-cancelling microphone on all headsets

Near-field headset registration

Multiple systems useable in close proximity without interference

Made in anti-microbial plastic for added hygiene

Simple to self-install


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Pro11 with PPE
Many procedures necessitate the wearing of full PPE. Face covering will impact clear communication.
Pro11 headsets will improve clarity which improves safety and reduces anxiety for all members of your team.

Teaching with Pro11

Pro11 has full connectivity to external audio platforms giving physicians clear two-way communication with remote seminars, lecture rooms and similar locations.

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Our customers speak for us...

Using Quail Digital’s wireless headsets during robotic procedures certainly contributed to better patient outcomes by creating a calmer environment for clinicians and staff.

Dr Ziv Tsafrir, a Fellow in Minimally Invasive Gynecology at Henry Ford

My ability to communicate quickly and effectively with other members of the robotic team, has led to increased efficacy and patient safety in these complex procedures.

Dr Husam H Balkhy, Associate Professor at University of Chicago Medicine

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