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Study shows OR team wellbeing and communication is improved when using the Quail Digital Healthcare Headset System

29 January 2020


The recent published paper by Ziv Tsafrir et al., shows the impact of a wireless audio system on communication in robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery is beneficial to staff wellbeing.


As the authors state in the paper’s standfirst; robotic surgery presents a challenge to effective teamwork and communication in the operating theatre (OR). With strong evidence in literature that supports the importance of effective communication and teamwork in regards to patient safety in the operating room, the relevance of being able to evaluate the effect of using a wireless audio headset device on communication, efficiency and patient outcome in robotic surgery is therefore significant.


The study was conducted on patients that had surgery performed by OR teams in the Departments of Gynecology and Urology in the Henry Ford Health System. OR team members evaluated the quality of communication, performance, teamwork, and mental load using a 14-item questionnaire with and without the use of the Quail Digital Healthcare Headset System during surgery. Additionally, decibel-recording devices were used during each case to monitor the noise level in the OR in both phases of the study.


The study found the device significantly improved the quality of communication in robotic surgery. In cases where headsets were used, there was a decreased period of time with noise level above 70 dB, which to contextualise is the same level of noise as a domestic vacuum cleaner. Due to the noise cancelling capabilities of the headsets, team members commented that they could hear clearly during the case, needed to repeat themselves less and were less bothered or distracted by the noise in the OR when using the device.


With all team members, regardless of their role, sharing the same positive perception of the added value of using the headsets in robotic cases, the use of the Quail Digital Headset System is an obvious choice.


If you are looking to improve staff wellbeing through better OR communication, get in touch today.


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